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About Us

Animark was set up in 1989 by John Costello, Veterinary Surgeon to supply microchips and a database for the identification of companion animals. Its important to point out here that there is no point in microchipping an animal without entering the animal and owners details on a Database so that lost or strayed animals can be identified and reunited with their owners.

Back in 1989 there was no I.S.O. (International Standards Organisation )Standard for microchips so FECAVA (The European Federation of Companion Animal Veterinary Associations) ) adopted the Destron microchip (one of the first on the market) as its Standard simply on the basis that it was the best of the then available microchips.The FECAVA (FDXa) Standard was mainly used until the ISO Standard was published

Between 1989 and 1996 John Costello also a member of NSAI (National Standards Authority Of Ireland) as well as advising the DOE on Guard Dog Legislation and DOA on Inner City Horses legislation , attended numerous ISO meetings to determine an ISO Standard for microchips. An increasing number of microchip manufacturers had come on stream since 1989 some good some not so good, it was therefore becoming increasingly urgent for ISO to determine a Standard. In 1996 the I.S.O. (FDXb & HDX) Standards 11784 and 11785 were finally published.

In 2005 Animark was asked by the IKC to advise on a scheme to identify all pedigree puppies born after 1/1/06. As the view of the Veterinry Council of Ireland , the statutory body that regulates the veterinary profession, was and still is that microchipping is a Vet only procedure covered by the Veterinary Practice Act 2005. Animark therefore advised that a “Vet Only Scheme” should be adopted on the basis that only properly trained . insured and and registered implanters should carry out microchipping . This was agreed by the IKC and Animark set up a panel of Veterinary Surgeons countrywide who agreed to do the microchipping at a reduced rate for litters of puppies. The Scheme was launched on 1/1/06 with the support of VICAS (Veterinary Ireland Companion Animal Society

In March 2010 The IKC decided they would no longer require a veterinary surgeon to do the microchipping and this has resulted in a number of breeders and other animal welfare groups attending “courses* on microchipping, with a view to implanting dogs. This has caused considerable confusion as in The U.K. including Northern Ireland , microchipping (if implanted subcutaneously) is not considered a vet only procedure by the R.C.V.S. Whatever the outcome of this conflicting interpretation of microchipping Animark would suggest that in the interest of animal welfare anyone approved to do implanting should have attended an approved training course, should be registered and have proper insurance.