Is your pet microchipped?

Don’t lose your pet! Get it microchipped today at your local vet! Losts pets are reunited with their owners everyday thanks to microchipping!

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Welcome to ANIMARK Microchips & Database

Microchipping is a simple and effective way to make sure that your pet can be easily identified should they get lost or stolen. All information is set up on a computerised database system for easy traceability.

Should I have my pet microchipped?

Most positively YES. Its simple, painless, cheap (once in a lifetime), it may soon be a legal requirement BUT remember there is no point in having your pet microchipped unless it’s also registered on an up to date web based database like

How can I find a pets owner?

1 Search for the Owner

If you find a pet and have him scanned the veterinary surgeon, or whoever scans the animal may know the database from the manufactures code e.g. 981 is the Animark ( If you are an authorised user, you can login here to find the owner's details

2 Can't find the Owner?

If you can't find the owner details here then go to or These are 2 search engines that between them search all web databases and will either give you a link to the required database or a contact number.